Automated Fraud Locking

Uboss automated 24/7 fraud locking protects Service providers and their customers against toll fraud with pre-set limits that, once breached, automatically bar the subscriber extension or business group.  Fraud limits can be varied by the provider and email alerts are sent when the threshold is being approached. For fraud control, Providers can manually apply the fraud lock to stop all outbound calls from the selected extension or group.

Corporate Directory

The Corporate Directory service allows the user to easily search Group Contacts [the list of all other subscribers in the customer business] as well as group speed dial numbers, as populated in Uboss. This intuitive navigation replicates the “System Speed Dials” feature some users had on their legacy PBX and builds on our concept of the endpoint as a conduit with all functionality running centrally from Uboss.


The Uboss ticketing module is a sophisticated and hugely configurable support ticket management tool. Subscribers can open tickets from within the familiar Uboss interface with full reporting and tracking on ticket status.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a cascading hierarchy that allows the customer group, sites, site services and users to be automatically forwarded to a pre-set DR number. When DR is activated in Uboss, at whichever level, all users and services underneath will call forward. The Uboss DR service uses a BroadWorks call forward always service, but simplifies activation with a simple one-button activation.

Device Configuration

Any endpoint that is required to consume service, such as an IP phone, is automatically configured. Specific button functions, such as ACD state, can also be configured on a customer by customer basis allowing the Service Provider to tailor the customer experience in using the system. Uboss will also push logos to IP phone screens giving the Service Provider a strong branding opportunity on the customer’s desk.

Packet Analyzer

Packet Analyzer is a BroadSoft platform management module built into Uboss. It is designed for BroadSoft platform Owners to manage all call traffic, users, devices and call quality issues on your network. As an automated system, Uboss will alert you when customers report poor quality calls allowing you to maximize customer service.

Market Proven – Battle Tested – OSS Customised for Broadworks

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Broadsoft Connections

Uboss is exhibiting at Broadsoft Connections in San Antonio, Texas, 13th – 16th November 2016. We will be showcasing the full suite of provisioning, billing and management apps that are now available to Broadsoft Service providers. Come and see us!!

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Automated Fraud Locking

Uboss have announced the release of Automated fraud locking to the US BroadSoft community. It provides assurance to service providers and their customers by automatically barring a group or extension 24/7 when credit limits are breached.

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Application Integration

Recent studies have shown that application integration is the number 1 pain point for SPs looking to drive incremental sales through Broadsoft community apps. Uboss gets you to market quicker without having to do your own interopt every time.

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