Uboss technology empowers Cloud Voice and Application Providers
by simplifying and automating back office provisioning, billing and integration.
Maximise your success in the cloud with Uboss


Uboss Apps

Uboss has a range of apps, such as device configuration, that simplify rollout of BroadWorks based services and devices. Customize your BroadWorks with Uboss.


Toll Fraud Protection

Protect against toll fraud hacking bit automated 24/7 toll fraud locking. Configurable at a group or user level this will shut down and extensions that breach your pre-set thresholds.


Integrated Billing

Single entry Provisioning and Billing not only saves time but brings 100% billing accuracy. Provide a single invoice with all services, calls and other charges. Key it once and get it right first time


Custom Bundles

All BroadSoft packages can be disassembled and built backup providing differentiation, tailored propositions for customer verticals and optomizing BroadWorks licence consumption


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