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Uboss is a software development firm with expertise in process automation and application integration in multi-platform Server Provider environments. We have extensive experience in developing OSS/BSS that enable carriers to increase revenue, improve differentiation and consolidate back office functions.

Our experience as a BroadSoft platform owner in the UK is the validation of Uboss, with thousands of subscribers connected around the world. We deployed BroadSoft in 2006 and have a deep understanding of the actual challenges in deploying service and really scaling service out on BroadWorks. We are unique as an OSS vendor in coming from this perspective of actually taking service to market, both through direct sales and through private label channel.

Realising there was a wider gap in the market than just our own requirement, we launched Uboss to the BroadSoft community. In our experience, the ability to streamline and automate all back office functions is absolutely critical in scaling out a hosted business.

Uboss allows Service Providers to scale without limits, both in terms of subscribers and services being deployed. As a cloud service there are no bottlenecks, or development lead-times that constrain the Service Provider. VanillaIP, our UK BroadWorks platform business, has experience with both direct and indirect channels, including Qudo, our direct market offering. Uboss is market proven, battle tested and the evolution of 6 years on-going research and development.

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The International Organisation for Standardization has certified DRD Communications Ltd for ISO 27001.  This confirms that the Uboss System, Process and Methodologies conform to accepted best practice in regards to the security of Information.  ISO 27001 Governs the way Uboss handles any information, both in terms of where it is stored, how it is transmitted, how it is encrypted and which members of staff have access to it.

Market Proven – Battle Tested – OSS Customised for Broadworks

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Broadsoft Connections

Uboss is exhibiting at Broadsoft Connections in San Antonio, Texas, 13th – 16th November 2016. We will be showcasing the full suite of provisioning, billing and management apps that are now available to Broadsoft Service providers. Come and see us!d see us!

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Automated Fraud Locking

Uboss have announced the release of Automated Fraud locking to the US BroadSoft community. It provides assurance to service providers and their customers by automatically barring a group or extension 24/7 when credit limits are breached.

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Application Integration

Recent studies have shown that application integration is the number 1 pain point for SPs looking to drive incremental sales through Broadsoft community apps. Uboss gets you to market quicker without having to do your own interopt every time.

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