BroadSoft Service Orchestration

Uboss breaks down Broadsoft license packs allowing the Service Provider to break services out individually or as part of custom bundles. Uboss supports all services as they are released on BroadWorks and provides 100% automation of service assignment and configuration on BroadWorks.  Uboss bulk job and bulk service configuration tools streamlines the inital establishment or proposition update for any multi-user accounts.

Managing the Subscriber Transaction Lifecycle

Uboss reduces costs and makes Service Providers more efficient by automating and simplifying all elements of subscriber transaction management. This includes bundling of services from different vendors, single entry provisioning, automated device configuration and accurate billing.

BroadSoft Community Apps

Easily plug-in applications from certified BroadSoft third party providers. There is an established and proven BroadSoft developer ecosystem with a range of plug-ins that enhance BroadWorks. Service Providers can now immediately add these apps without having to do their own interop.

Subscriber and Partner Hierarchy

Uboss provides additional tiers of users, extending the current Group and Enterprise levels with Distributors and Departments. This provides a logical hierarchy for customers and provides options for system admin access and invoicing.

Customer Self Management

All customers are different and their appetite to self-serve will vary. Encouraging customers to self-manage, and giving them the tools to do so, is essential in further reducing the Service Provider support costs in servicing their user community. All customer invoices are available online to subscriber Administrators with the appropriate access. Detailed breakdown summaries are available to drill into charges by user, service, department, group or any conceivable requirement. Custom reports can also be generated.

Flexible Billing Options

Invoices are automatically emailed to customers with options for configurable reports. Any combination of site or department invoicing is supported, for example, breaking costs down between Sales and Operations or APAC and EMEA. Uboss will mirror the accounting cost structure of the subscribers business.

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