Uboss Broadsoft Platform Owner Model

Replacing silos with blended applications and automation


Like most innovations, the time of the Cloud Telephony solution as a standalone, business-critical application has passed. PBX functionality overall has suddenly slipped from focus to become table stakes in a bigger game and with it goes much of the value of the providers who pioneered its rise in the first two decades of the 2000’s.

Uboss Broadsoft Illustration

Uboss Broadsoft Platform Owner Model


The speed of change has been driven by an extraordinary event, but the direction has been clear for many years. As a result, the tools are readily available for Broadsoft platform owners who may suddenly feel somewhat behind the curve, but the work to change the sales, support and consumption models needs to be undertaken with some urgency.

The customer technology considerations split roughly into four sectors:

  1. Telephony
  2. Meeting/Collaboration
  3. Mobility
  4. Customer Experience

Matching the application to those requirement groups is step one, but then you need to deal with change number two. In times of uncertainty, commitment is a hard sell, making 3, 5 and 7 year deals the exception. With businesses starting a quest for productivity at business, team and individual levels, experimentation with applications will be part of achieving the optimum result, so 30 day, on-demand service terms must be part of the relationship you form with customers going forward.

When it comes to application-driven communications tools, the mobile smartphone has led the way. Everyone is familiar with the convenience of the app store and the instantaneous nature of the consumption model they support. In business communications, with buyer knowledge suddenly advance, it is time to start creating your self-service app store and achieving margin growth through the automated delivery of secondary revenue products, eliminating the human cost which can make secondary product deployment counterproductive.


This is not a new phenomenon, it happens all the time as a product matures through its life cycle, but after an extraordinary run as a dominant service telephony must now take its place in a rapidly growing portfolio of business productivity tools.


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