Customer Contract Options

Any mix of customer terms is supported including monthly rental [pay as you go], fixed term contracts [such as 12, 36, 60 etc month terms], secondary terms, Eternity [licence purchase + maintenance] and pre-pay. At the end of any term Uboss will manage the secondary period and will also support 30 day rental users alongside fixed term users if a customer grows during the term. Rebates and any other tariff rules are all automatically applied, for example where a customer gets discounted or free handsets on a fixed rate term. Any term contract financial obligations are levied automatically if the customer ceases service within term.

Centralised Billing

Billing customers accurately, on time and at the correct rate is naturally important, not just in terms of goodwill but also in minimising support calls and rework back from customers. Uboss combines all costs related to delivering service in a single place, including service and call charges, one off hardware and ad-hoc charges. There are no longer separate invoices or manual reworking to complete a bill cycle, and pro-rata charges for services added or removed during a billing cycle are applied correctly. The customer receives a single invoice will all their service and call charges and third party services, with extensive reporting and breakdowns online.

Business Intelligence

Uboss provides a real-time and historical dashboard of activity across the platform, including changes in revenue, subscribers and services. Any alert triggers can be specified, such as a customer downloading their rate table. Reports highlight margin spread across services and can be used to measure the success of sales campaigns. Service providers that are using Uboss billing, can also audit BroadWorks services against sales revenue.

Purchase Charges

One off charges, like hardware or professional services can be added as an ad-hoc single instance charge, triggered on the billing whenever the appropriate service or device is assigned to the customer. Recurring quarterly charges, perhaps for support, can also be added.

Private Label Channel

Uboss seamlessly supports direct sales alongside private label and master agent channels, each with their own services, tariffs and third party services.

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