Bulk Loader & Bulk Service Configuration

Uboss features two powerful tools to automate many of the actions involved in adding and removing users from the BroadWorks platform and also configuring services. These are Bulk Job and Bulk Service Configuration

Bulk Job

Bulk Job can be used to Add, Modify and Quarantine users and assign and unassign users to them. Through the use of a template, users can simply mass populate all the users you need to Add, or the changes you need to make and upload the template. When a job is uploaded Uboss will verify all the data and any errors or duplicates will be flagged.


There are three templates to choose from:

  • Download Template – Blank template used for adding new users. All User profile fields can be completed including Name, Email, Extension, Phone Number
  • Download template with User – Includes the users BroadWorks Login ID and services that can be modified on separate tabs within the template. These include Call Forward Not Reachable, Voice Messaging User, CLI Delivery Blocking, Site, Department, Timezone, Primary Device etc
  • Download Template with User Configuration – This will pull down current users in the group and will include all their current service activations

Bulk Service Configuration

Users can have services bulk configured at either the Group or Site level. The Uboss admin can select particular services from a drop list so that only users with that service have the automated config applied. For example, all users could have a default outbound CallerID applied, a default credit limit or a call forward.