Private Label Branding


Uboss supports bespoke branding for Distributors, master Agents and Private Label Resellers at all levels from customer apps and portal to invoices and IP phones. This cascading branding provides a true private label option for Distributors and allows Resellers to build their own brand equity


  • Uboss Portal Branding – Create a custom Uboss portal URL for enhanced branding and display your logo inside Uboss, our central hub for managing all provisioning, billing and service configuration
  • Branded Billing – All bills go out automatically via email with your logo and your bill format. No manual billing process is required at the end of the month. Different Invoice profiles can be created, all with their own branding
  • Branded Desktop Applications – Get your logo on the customer PC, Mac or Mobile with Kakapo Systems Unity applications automatically populating the Distributor/Reseller brand through Uboss
  • Custom Packages & Bundles – Create your own unique range of packages to address the whole market spectrum. This can reinforce branding by naming bundles “ABC Provider Executive User” etc
  • IP Handset Screen Logo – Uboss device configurator will allow the Distributor/Reseller logo to be displayed on the Yealink or Polycom IP phone screen, for the phones that have this capability.