Uboss Custom Reports

Uboss features a number of unique reports that add value for customers and provide differentiation for BroadSoft platform owners. Among these are the Heat Map, which will graphically show the pattern of incoming calls and the Auto Attendant Activity Report, which reports on which options inbound callers are choosing on the AA. Both options provide customers considerable insight into incoming caller patterns and help them plan and resource their customer facing teams to maximise service.

  • Auto Attendant Activity Report – The clean tabular report will display the current auto attendants that have been configured and the number of times incoming callers have selected each option in the specified time period


  • Heat Map Report – This report provides a clear, visual picture of the call traffic in the customer business and can be filtered for incoming, outgoing or both direction calls. In addition, customers can drill into specific call centre queue or hunt groups. By default, Uboss will dynamically change the colour density to best match the customer call volumes. This level of intelligence makes Heat Map a valuable addition to the existing Uboss call records and call centre reports