Linked Number Function

Ofcom have recently introduced a regulation whereby 03x numbers are automatically reserved for those customers that have the applicable 08x number assigned.  More information is available here

Uboss supports this regulation through the use of linked numbers, whereby if an 08x number is assigned to a business then the corresponding 03x number will automatically be added to the business number pool.  The 03x number can then be assigned to the same user or service as the 08x number, can be assigned to another user or service, or may not be assigned at all.

When the 08x number is unassigned from the business, the 03x number will also be unassigned.  If the 03x number is assigned to a user or service then the operation will fail.

The Linked Number function can be enabled or disabled at either the reseller or business level in Uboss, as shown below.










The setting at the reseller level will cascade down to any new businesses created, but will not affect existing businesses.  Individual businesses can be updated singularly, or to update all existing businesses please raise a ticket through Uboss.