Service Creation and Configuration within Uboss

Two changes have been made regarding service configuration.  These two changes will provide greater flexibility and ease of use when creating and managing packages, services and devices in Uboss.

  1. Rolling Contracts
  • Uboss will now allow services to be configured as ‘rolling contract’.  Which means it must be assigned for a predetermined duration and can only be cancelled/unassigned during a specified date window.
  • Any service created within Uboss can be configured with a rolling contract
  • Services that are offered by a parent company as a standard 30 day contract can be resold as a rolling contract, however the reverse is not possible
  1. Contract Rules
  • Contract Rules have been changed for all packages, services and devices.  Each package, service or device will use its own separate contract rule in order to increase flexibility
  • The minimum duration and notification period can be considered separately to each other or in combination.
  • As part of the migration, all existing packages, services and devices will be set with the same values currently specified in the default and exception contract rules currently in place.