Uboss Mobile Integration

Uboss Mobile is an enhancement that allows Service providers to combine wired and wireless services into a single deployable bundle for customers. Uboss is not providing either the BroadSoft Hosted PBX or cellular services directly but allows providers to leverage their own platforms and cellular relationships and seamlessly combines these elements into the Service Provider go to market strategy.

For the first time, providers can now deliver truly integrated fixed and mobile solutions without having separate silos. All call logs, directories and call recordings are collated centrally in the Uboss portal against the user. In addition, all calls made from the mobile are recorded centrally within Uboss using the providers existing Hosted PBX recording capability. This is naturally a considerable competitive advantage for providers delivering a “one number” customer experience. All logs and recordings are available in near real-time within the Uboss portal for users with the correct permissions. This not only provides centralised billing and reporting for customer admins but further builds on the Uboss promise of 100% automation and self-service.