Customized Product Offering

Providers have total freedom in defining product bundles that combine any mix of BroadSoft and third party services. For example, Providers can quickly and easily launch products that combine mobile GSM, Microsoft and CRM products to their existing portfolio. The fact that these services could be coming from a number of different vendors or suppliers is seamlessly masked within Uboss.

Horizontal Application Integration

Uboss allow multi-vendor services to be packaged and presented as a single homogeneous solution, where Uboss acts as the central provisioning system. This allows Service Providers to create highly differentiated product sets without having the technical complexity of integrating multiple different systems.

Manage Commercial Terms

The flexibility in building a unique offering can extend beyond combining different vendor services to also include bespoke commercials, with 30 day rentals, pre-pay, term contract and rebate options, all customisable at a channel or customer Group level.

Single Data Entry

When allocated to a subscriber or Group, Uboss automatically assigns all the services that are needed to deliver the solution to the customer. For Operations and Customer Service teams this reduces errors, eliminates double entry and makes on-boarding new subscribers far quicker. This concept of “no swivel chair provisioning” allows underpins the power of our automated credit locking and customer self-care.

Online Shop

Service Providers can now effectively turn their Uboss provisioning system into an online shop by encouraging subscribers to self-serve online. Because everything is automated, new services can be consumed automatically. This offers a profound opportunity to drive incremental sales into the existing user community and increase ARPU.

Roles & Permissions Based

Uboss supports industry recognised auditing, tracking and reporting of all changes. Channel Partners, end users and customer admins have a roles and permissions based hierarchy to control access within Uboss.

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